Year 1 - City Amateur Shadow Chair

  • Attend the CLGA executive MEETINGS as an observor

  • Is familiar with all duties of the position of City Amateur Shadow Chair as prescribed in the document entitled “Executive Positions and Duties”

  • Works with Amateur Chair throughout planning, organizing and execution of the Amateur Tournament to ensure experience and knowledge is passed on with regards to the duties of next years' Amateur Chair

  • Becomes Amateur Chair the following year when your club hosts the Amateur

  • Attend all meetings of the Amateur Tournament the year prior to hosting

  • Maintain records, a job description and files for your position to be passed on to a successor as requireds

Year 2 - City Amateur Chair



  • Establish tournament dates with pro shop


  • Recruit all committee chairs: Draw/Social/Publicity/Rules/Prize/Pro Shop Rep (have them choose an assistant wherever the need is felt) Click for committee list and responsibilities.

  • Assign someone to Create Notice to Competitors

  • The Secretary and the Treasurer work on both the Amateur and the CLGA executive for the entire year

  • Make skeleton binders for each chair position, include responsibilities in each

  • Establish and book meeting dates; Oct/Jan/March/May/June.

  • Along with CLGA President, meet with host club GM and book all meeting rooms for next year as well as review budgets. Click here for copy of budget


  • Initial meeting with entire group to go over responsibilities and brainstorm ideas. Invite Tournament Liaison.

  • Establish entry fee, Opening mid February and Closing dates (10-12 days) for entries

  • Advertisement – Poster template – Draw Chair  (Prepare for January CLGA meeting before placed on the web) Tournament Liaison will print.

  • Assign someone to create Notice to competitors

  • Prize chair collect information with respect to tee gift, memento for top three winners and make a decision as to whether or not your club will include a gift for volunteers.

  • Contact tournament chair for following year and have her included along with their chosen Draw Chair in all meetings.

  • Attend CLGA Executive and General Meetings and announce any plans already made for the following years tournament.



  • Social Chair – meet with food and beverage and report on menus/costs

  • Draw Chair- review entry form format which will be placed on the web

  • Finalize Poster- prepare for CLGA winter meeting –post on CLGA web site

  • Volunteer Chair – Set up a plan for recruiting Volunteers.  Discuss needs like spotters with the pro shop

  • Rules Chair – Determine number of people.  Recruit from own course first may need to go elsewhere if needed. 



  • Start online entries (Web administrator will start)



  • Establish facility needs for all three days and book areas as needed.  Keep in mind scoring area, computer and printer needs, volunteer meeting place, media meeting place, food service areas

  • Establish details of practice rounds

  • Arrange night for Volunteer Appreciation Orientation and Social

  • Meet with pro shop to review list of expectations.

  • Order tee gifts; memento gifts.

  • Start collecting Draw Prizes




  • Prepare CLGA Executive and General Meetings and prepare reports for same.

  • Determine Course layout...Yardage, Slope, Rating, Tees used.  Recommend...keep course competitive but do not make it too difficult.

  • Complete Notice to Competitors include local rules and post on CLGA web site




  • Field and Flights.  Recommended 96 players, 8 flights of 12 players each.  Arranged in groups of three.  No foursomes if at all possible.

  • Collect three trophies; arrange for cleaning and engraving

  • Collect Banners Tee Markers and bucket of CLGA equipment from Tournament Liaison



  • Confirm all arrangements with respect to draws, player registration, scoring needs, volunteer needs

  • Organize Volunteer Orientation and Social Night week prior to tournament

  • Set up draw for day one and day 2  and post on web site.  Email all entries including a Course Profile for each.   Do this the week prior to the date of the tournament.

  • Draw for day two posted after tee off on day 1.

  • Draw for day three posted on Wed afternoon


Upon Completion of Tournament:

  • Collect reports from all chairs

  • Fill in reports:  Tournament report information, Event Participation tracking and Amateur Tournament Summary from the Amateur Binder Web Page

  • Prepare a binder with all reports and recommendations and pass on to next years chair

  • Place data on a memory stick in year of folder

  • Have a committee windup dinner

  • Pass on Banners,Tee Markers and Bucket (check off list to ensure all is there) to next CLGA function


Day 1 To do list

Registration table

  • Meet players (2-3 people at registration table) 7 am

  • Encourage banquet attendance and advise of complimentary food at the turn (if applicable)

  • Register caddies

  • Sell extra banquet tickets (collect money and give ticket)

  • Hand out bag tags for storage (if applicable)

  • Hand out tee gifts (mark off as given)

  • Keep track of no shows


Day 1-3 To do list

Scoring Tent for players

  • 1 table with 3 chairs for players and 2 chairs for volunteers

  • Have players read hole by hole score to each other and have scorer and player sign card.

  • Calculate total score

  • Run cards to score room

Score Room

  • 1 Table, 2 chairs & power for computer

  • 1 person read hole by hole score other person enter in computer

  • print off results

Collect Tournament bucket of supplies,tee markers and banner, check off list and pass on to next tournament

Click on each page to open

If the document is not in a PDF. format you will need to click to open and then open and save from the downloads icon


1. CLGA Information:

2. Positions and Duties:

3. Time Lines:

4. Poster:

  • Poster Template (this is in publisher. Be sure to check your uploads and "save") 

5. Financial:

6. Host Course Information for Notice to Competitors

  • Host Course Information Index

  • Profile & Notice to Competitors Template  (this is in Word Document. Be sure to check your uploads and "save")-Make Registration package this includes: Course Profile/ Notice to Competitors/ Local Rules This will be posted on the web as well emailed to successful registrants (complete by the time entries close)  You may create your own. 

7. Rules:

8. Draw and Scoring:

9.Tournament Results and Prizes:

  • Awards guidelines: When giving out awards, determine major awards first then withdraw those names from eligibility for flight prizes. A person should not win more than one major award!

  • Award Winners and payouts 


10.Final Reports:


11.Tournament information and Policies:  

  • Ongoing recommendations from Tournament Chairmen. Add on to form in binder to pass on.

  • Policy 

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