•   Sits on CLGA executive and attends all meetings (5) and other meetings as required

  •   Familiar with all duties of the position of City Senior Chair as prescribed in the document entitled  Executive Positions and Duties and Selects tournament organizing committee

  •   Organize the Senior Tournament with the assistance of the CLGA Tournament Liaison, committee and Head Pro

  •   Chairs all Senior Amateur tournament committee meetings, prepares and emails agenda to committee members

  •   All reports emailed to Secretary for attachment to Minutes

  •   Prepares tournament budget with her Treasurer and ensures budget is adhered to. Click here for copy of budget

  •   Forwards the Initial budget to the CLGA City Treasurer before the Spring Meeting and the Final after the tournament

  •   Ensures tournament Treasurer forwards all invoices to the CLGA City Treasurer for payment. Click here for form to submit

  •   Prepares poster for distribution at Annual Spring Meeting with assistance from Tournament Draw Chair and CLGA Tournament Liaison (review 2 weeks prior to printing)

  •  Assign someone to create Notice to Competitors,

  •   Maintains records, job description and files for your position to be passed on to a successor as required

  •   Uses timeline below for assistance.

  •   Invites the FOLLOWING year Host Tournament Chair to sit in on meetings and attend at the tournament

  •   Ensures each Committee Chair is aware of all duties and that they are fulfilled

  •   Attends Volunteer Orientation

  •   Trophies – to be returned to Host Club prior to Event. Chair takes trophies to be engraved after event, pays for them and emails winners to collect them with a reminder to return them the following year

  •   Prepares Spring and Fall Reports and forwards to Web Administrator for posting prior to the EXECUTIVE meetings

  •   Gives Prize breakdown to Pro Shop for Certificate preparation

  •   Available if required day of DRAW to check names and birthdates, ensure Pro Shop has list Alphabetically as well as by Tee Time

  •   Registration Desk to have Alphabetical Draw List

  •   Keeps in constant touch with the Pro and is present during the tournament

  •   Responsible for providing updates and results to the Web Administrator

  •   Completes Awards and Winners reports, forwards to Web Master

  •   Prepares Binder and USB to following year Chair and meets to discuss all aspects of the tournament

  •   Available day of DRAW to check names and birthdates, ensure Pro Shop has Alphabetical list as well as by Tee Time

  •   Registration Desk to have Alphabetical Draw List and should check players have arrived for tee times

  •   Keeps in touch with the Pro and is present during the tournament (see Ref: Pro Shop Tasks)

  •   Responsible for providing updates and results to the Web Administrator

  •   Completes Awards and Winners reports, forwards same to Web Administrator

  •   Prepares binder and download to USB

  •   Meets with following year Chair to discuss all aspects of the tournament






  • Meet with pro and general manager to determine cost of tournament including: food and beverage, carts, practice rounds (when available and cost of same)

  • Initial meeting with entire group to go over responsibilities and draft up a  budget

  • Establish entry fee, prepare poster  to be presented for approval at winter executive meeting in January.

  • Attend spring executive meeting in April to present spring report (yardages for tournament, poster and registration information.

  • Have posters ready for insertion in Spring CLGA packages for General Meeting. Tournament Liaison will print. 

  • Invite next year’s chair to some meetings to familiarize her with the job.



  • Host meeting with committee to ensure everyone is comfortable with their areas of

  • responsibility, answer all questions, and brainstorm ideas. Send them to work.

  • Review budget, tournament details, banquet, tee gifts, prizes, volunteers.

  • Reconfirm dates and times with pro shop

  • Determine opening and closing dates for entries.

  • Determine date for freezing handicaps (usually right after closing date. 10 to 12 days prior to start of tournament)

  • Schedule follow-up meetings for June, July and August

  • Order tee prizes and keeper trophies


  • Continue meetings to make sure committees are having no problems

  • Monitor entries with Draw Chair

  • Establish details of practice rounds (include in Notice to Competitors package)

  • Finalize number of volunteers needed

  • Establish facility needs e.g. scoring area, computer and printer, volunteer meeting place, food service areas and where to hang banner

  • Collect 4 trophies from previous winners and take to engravers (prize chair) August

  • Assist Draw Chair on confirming factors on date set to freeze the factors if required. 

  • Web administrator sends acceptance letters and information packages to successful entrants

  • Day one draw is sent the Friday before the tournament, day two draw the afternoon after

    the first day of play (send to website, pro shops and participants)

  • Have final meeting to ensure all details have been covered

  • Be sure to have the CLGA bucket with the tournament banner, volunteer vests and tee markers from previous tournament.

  • Ensure you are present throughout the competition to assist wherever required

  • Emcee the banquet or find a volunteer.

  • Assist Treasurer with final budget to actual statement

  • Have all Chairs prepare their final reports

  • Fill out tournament report, participation report and complete your report and binder and place all data on a memory stick

  • Pass on banners and bucket volunteer vest boxes to next tournament chair



  • Attend fall CLGA Executive meeting and present report and final budget

  • Attend fall CLGA General meeting and hand over all documentation to incoming

    tournament chair 


Day 1 To do list

Registration table

  • Meet players (2-3 people at registration table) 7 am

  • Encourage banquet attendance and advise of complimentary food at the turn (if applicable)

  • Register caddies

  • Sell extra banquet tickets (collect money and give ticket)

  • Hand out bag tags for storage (if applicable)

  • Hand out tee gifts (mark off as given)

  • Keep track of no shows

Day 1-2 To do list

Scoring Tent for players

  • 1 table with 3 chairs for players and 2 chairs for volunteers

  • Have players read hole by hole score to each other and have scorer and player sign card.

  • Calculate total score

  • Run cards to score room

Score Room

  • 1 Table, 2 chairs & power for computer

  • 1 person read hole by hole score other person enter in computer

  • print off results

Collect Tournament bucket of supplies,tee markers and banner, check off list and pass on to next tournament


Click on each page to open

If the document is not in a PDF. format you will need to click to open and then open and save from the downloads icon


1. CLGA Information:

2. Positions and Duties:

3. Time Lines:

4. Poster:

  • Poster Template (this is in publisher. Be sure to check your uploads and "save")

5. Financial:

6. Host Course Information for Notice to Competitors

  • Host Course Information Index

  • Profile & Notice to Competitors Template  (this is in Word Document. Be sure to check your uploads and "save")-Make Registration package this includes: Course Profile/ Notice to Competitors/ Local Rules This will be posted on the web as well emailed to successful registrants (complete by the time entries close)  You may create your own. 

7. Rules:

8. Draw and Scoring:

9.Tournament Results and Prizes:

  • Awards guidelines: When giving out awards, determine major awards first then withdraw those names from eligibility for flight prizes. A person should not win more than one major award!

  • Award Winners and payouts 

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