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City Hospitality Series Windup

Turner Valley Golf Club

September 11, 2023

CALGARY HOSPITALITY AND MATCH PLAY SECTION (CHAMPS) is an interclub team match play event that is a round-robin schedule of games between participating clubs. It is attractive to players who prefer a moderate level of competition sprinkled with a heavy dose of camaraderie.


The event features two A index players and two B index players from each club competing against four players from another club with similar playing abilities. Generally there is a reciprocal home and away game. Following golf, the focus turns to fun where players share their experience of the day over lunch.


Friendships formed, good golf and ‘rather forget’ incidents are shared in a wind up tournament hosted at a different club each year in September. Trophies are awarded in both the "A" and "B" index factor divisions.  




Valley Ridge 


181 points 

Valley Ridge 2022 A winners CHAMPS .jpg





184 points

CHAMPS Results
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