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January 15, 0223        


Attention all Club Representatives


The board of the Calgary Ladies Golf Association is requesting “Special Resolution”



Requested by- Law change 2024


Happy New Year Club Reps,


We are requesting a by-law change and addition for the 2024 and 2025 year.

The first on is to add a proxy vote to ensure we can have a quorum at our AGM.  Currently we need 2/3’s, however, this is impossible to get as some clubs do not have ladies’ representatives.

I.e. Wintergreen, Cochrane, Heritage Pointe are to name a few.  This will affect item # 20 Voting in the current By-laws

Once we do roll call at the meeting any clubs that are not there, we will use their proxy to form a quorum.  At the last 2 AGM’s we did not have a quorum so we could not vote in 2 new people to the board executive.


Secondly, we are unable to draw a Vice President from our membership so we need to go back to the old way where the host club of the City Amateur would come from that club for the 2025 year.


Currently the board encompasses the following people for the CLGA Board of Directors:

President                                 Cindy Beaudet            Canyon Meadows

Five-year Planner                   Andrea Kosa               Glencoe

Vice President                         Kathy Trofin                Hamptons       to be elected in 2024 Spring AGM

Secretary                                 Pat Peters                    Priddis             to be elected in 2024 Spring AGM

Treasure                                 Meaghan Leblanc       Country Hills

Marketing                               Wendy Ellacott           Bearspaw

Tournament director             Lee Misura                  Priddis

Juniors                                    Jocelyn Frankow         Inglewood      

Past President                        Vacant



I am asking that you send back your vote no later than January 12, 2024, so we can send in the changes to Service Canada. 

Ladies if you are no longer the representative kindly let us know by click here to update your club contacts.


Please click on below form to vote on the special resolution.


The board will be unable to move forward without your participation in this vote.


Happy New Year to you all and I do hope to see you on the course this spring.


Warmest Regards,


Cindy Beaudet


Cindy Beaudet


Calgary ladies Golf Association


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